About the Site

Year Opened

Heart of Florida (HOF) Landfill opened in spring of 2013. We were fully permitted in January 2011. Heart of Florida Environmental has designed and planned for a facility that will meet the solid waste disposal needs for Sumter County and the surrounding areas well into the next century!


Phase One of our construction consists of permitting a 60 acre cell consisting of four 15 acre sub-cells. We have initially constructed two sub-cells for a total of 30 acres along with infrastructure.

Total Life Expectance

Our final build-out plan anticipates a life expectancy of 83+ years and a volume of 109,155,000 cubic yards.

FDEP Permit Information:

  • Construction 161236-005-SC/01
  • Operating 161263-004-SO/01
  • ERP 60-0286227-002
  • Title V 1190053-001-AV
HOF landfill is wholly owned and operated by A.C.M.S., Inc., a privately held Florida corporation.